Finding used construction equipment in Texas that fits your needs can be a challenge, especially when you have a very specific need to address. It is essential to find a trusted provider of construction machinery to ensure that your money is put to the best use possible. One Source Equipment is proud to be your source for new and used construction equipment in Throckmorton, Odessa, and the surrounding areas. As a Genie® licensed dealer, we specialize in stocking boom lifts, scissor lifts, and so much more. One handy piece of equipment in our arsenal that can improve worksite safety and efficiency is the material lift.

Each Genie® lift is built to offer the versatility and reliability you need to get your project done on time and on budget. Today, we’ll discuss the advantages of several different models of material lifts, as well as our dedicated approach to supplying exactly what the customer needs. When you’re finished reading, be sure to browse our online inventory of used and new equipment to find what you need!

Super Lifts

Genie’s Super Hoist GH 3.8 and 5.6 offers a lot of productivity for such a small piece of equipment. This mobile material lift can be set up in seconds, requiring the legs to fold out and the gas to be attached before use. CO2 or compressed air can be used for lifting operations, making operating the equipment safe and simple. With weight capacities ranging from 250 to 300 pounds, this lift is ideal for working with electrical fixtures, sprinkler systems, sheetrock, ceiling tiles, and more. Beyond the easy use and highly mobile convenience, the Super Lift lineup features easy-to-reach parts that are all serviceable, making repairs onsite quick and effective.

Load Lifters

As the name implies, the Load Lifter™ is designed to easily transport and lift heavy loads. Resembling a standard dollie, this two-wheeled material lift folds and can be moved across the site by one individual with ease, even when taking on stairs. Relying on a high-speed reversible winch system, you can easily lift up to 200 pounds when moving office machinery, electronic equipment, parts, and more. Constructed of high-quality materials, the Load Lifter also provides a wide platform as a work table when space is limited.

Genie Lifts

Whether you’re looking for a compact GL-4 or a versatile GL-12, the Genie® Lift lineup can provide the vertical support you need to get the job done. After years of quality service in the field, these material lifts rely on a huge lineup of features to help maximize efficiency and safety. Each piece of equipment can be used as a hand truck, dolly, or forklift. Each Genie lift is designed to offer the most in versatility, creating lifting solutions for construction, moving services, mechanic needs, and so on. No matter what material you need handled, our inventory of used construction equipment has you covered!

Superlift Contractors®

When you need a material lift that is strong enough for heavy use on a daily basis in the construction industry, the SLC™ series may be for you. These heavy-duty machines are built to last, working reliably to lift up to 650 pounds upward of 24 feet. Despite the heavier use and sturdier components, the SLC lineup maintains its convenience and easy operability, requiring only one person to set up, lift, and lower heavy loads. Featuring a two-speed winch system for easy raising and lowering operations, your workers can work safely and efficiently. Construction companies and contractors of all types may find the perfect Genie lift with the Superlift Contractor.

Superlift Advantage™

These Genie lifts are made for a purpose and can be changed to perfectly meet your work needs. Each SLA machine can be customized with a Standard or Straddle Base, different winch speeds, and a large variety of attachments. No matter which model you decide to go with, you can breathe easy knowing that these Genie material lifts are made to be durable, rigid, compact, and safe. One key advantage with SLA lifts is the ability to change out different load handling attachments to meet your project’s changing needs. From wide loads to narrow doorways, you can adapt and thrive with our used construction equipment.

Super Towers™

Those that need a heavy-duty material lift for supporting sound systems, stage decor, and human beings can benefit from the Genie ST™ series. Contractors have a lot of power with these lifts, utilizing one for a single application or several to span a stage. Theatrical performances rely on equipment that is safe and reliable, and this lift machine doesn’t disappoint!

Being able to enhance worksite safety and efficiency is a valuable part of purchasing material lifts, giving contractors full power in purchasing a versatile vehicle that will help to greatly boost output. One Source Equipment is proud to be your source for the best construction equipment in Throckmorton and beyond, delivering customized solutions to keep our customers coming back for more. If you’re looking for quality construction equipment for sale, be sure to shop our online inventory today. Don’t see what you need? Contact us today, and we’ll be sure to find it for you!