All across Texas, construction crews are hard at work building and developing our great state. Each company relies on a unique combination of personnel, construction equipment, and services to provide the best outcome to their clients. Eventually, your fleet of machines will need to repaired or replaced. In other cases, increasing work demands may necessitate more advanced machinery. It will fall on the business’ leaders to provide a safe and beneficial transition. One piece of equipment that can make or break the success of your concrete services is the pump. Many companies rely on small concrete pumps to complete a variety of jobs, from residential basements to bridge repairs and more.

If you’re looking for quality construction equipment in Throckmorton, Abilene, Odessa, Midland, Dallas, or beyond, One Source Equipment is here and ready to help! Our team has the experience and connections needed to find the perfect fit for your project needs. We’ve partnered with suppliers such as Multiquip to provide the tools and accessories for every task. Read on to learn about the advantages of our small concrete pump, then be sure to browse our site to find the new or used construction equipment you need!

Optional Accessories

Many contractors require more than the basic equipment to meet their design specifications. Simply searching for construction equipment for sale online will not be enough to ensure an optimal purchase. One Source Equipment is happy to help, providing Multiquip construction equipment to affordably meet your project needs. Every site is different, requiring a variety of equipment, including:

  • Wireless remotes – Control your pumping operations from any point in the field, providing easy start and stop operations to keep crews moving efficiently.
  • Wet gun nozzles – Shotcrete is a valuable material in placing concrete across a wide variety of surfaces, combined with water and propelled at a high speed for quality finishes.
  • Reducers – The connection between your concrete pump and your pipeline can be placed under immense pressure, making it vital to find a reducer that fits the design specifications for your concrete mix.
  • Pipes – The lengths of pipe required for your pour will vary, so be sure to come prepared with the proper amount of steel pipes. These rigid devices can transport wet concrete across larger distances with little friction and moisture loss.
  • Couplings – The safety of your pour will depend on every component of your pump, including the couplings that hold the hose together.
  • Hopper screen vibrators – Ensure a clear, unobstructed pour with an air or electric vibrator that works to move free concrete into the hopper.
  • Ball and ring hitches – Your pump can easily become mobile once hooked up to a tow-capable vehicle. Our team offers fasteners to fit multiple styles.

Serious Advantages

Our construction equipment supply team is here to provide the best fit for your company needs, delivering long-term results that are both lucrative and affordable. We only provide the best construction equipment to our Texas clients, ensuring the best possible fit.

  • Durable resistance. The all-steel cover of your concrete pump will help to prevent a wide range of wear and tear inflicted on a weekly basis. Your machine will continue to operate smoothly, and you’ll breathe easy knowing that your investment is protected.
  • Powerful engines. From masonry experts to swimming pool specialists, contractors rely on machines powerful enough to get the job done. Mayco’s 50 HP engines ensure a smooth operation, even under heavy workloads. Crews needing to place a lot of concrete can benefit from larger machines, able to pump out 60 cubic yards an hour. That’s a fully loaded concrete truck poured out every ten minutes!
  • Versatile styles. Regardless of your application, our concrete pumps can get to work. Our concrete pumps can adapt to your pour, from fine sand mixes to 1 ½-inch aggregates. This can prove advantageous when using specialty mixes, or for crews working with a concrete inspector to get the job done right.
  • Efficient operations. With a hopper agitator, full-flow valves, and instant revere operations all ensure that your operator has the tools needed to provide an excellent outcome. Every aspect of our construction equipment is tailored to increase efficiency, reducing client costs while producing better results.
  • Mobile power. You can easily load and transport your pump around the state to ensure better coverage across more of your projects. Simply hitch up the equipment to your truck and go.
  • Safe controls. Regardless of your pour, safety is the top priority. Our pump equipment must undergo stringent inspections to ensure that you are left with a safe product. Concrete pumps now also come with a full readout, including running temp, warning lights, simple controls, and more.

Pumping Equipment for Many Applications

One Source Equipment will be happy to assist you in finding an ideal fit for your specific industry services. Small concrete pumps blend the perfect mix of size and power, establishing pumping operations for many applications. A few services could include:

  • Slope stabilization
  • Wet gunning (shotcrete)
  • Grouting for masonry applications
  • Flood control measures
  • Residential and commercial foundations
  • Slabs and basements
  • Swimming pools, patios, and decks
  • Reservoir linings
  • Mudjacking for settled concrete
  • Concrete piling for foundational support
  • Building columns

Investing in a new concrete pump can improve your productivity and enhance the quality of your contractor services. One Source Equipment is here and ready to help clients across Texas find the construction equipment their company needs to thrive. We take pride in providing honest support, amazing services, and affordable financing to help crews take on jobs of all sizes. Contact us now to learn more and to get a price for the new or used construction equipment you are looking for!