Purchasing new construction equipment is often the preferred choice for most companies across Texas. While this option seeks to provide the best return for your investment, more and more construction companies nationwide are relying on used equipment sales to strengthen their fleet. If you’re searching for used construction equipment for sale in Throckmorton, Odessa, Midland, or beyond, it’s important to ensure that you are taking the proper steps to obtain the best outcome. One Source Equipment is here to serve as your trusted source for construction equipment in North Texas, delivering the best outcomes to keep your operations running smoothly for the long haul.

Our team specializes in boom lifts, scissor lifts, equipment lifts, and more to help you get the job done safely and effectively when working at height. We understand the uncertainty that can come with purchasing used construction equipment, which is why today’s post will conclude our tips that may prove useful for crews looking for the right machines. Be sure to call us when you are ready to find the new or used construction equipment you need. Don’t see it? We can find what you are looking for!

Equipment History

Much like the vehicle you drive commute to work in, your construction equipment will require regular maintenance for the most efficient and reliable operations. Regular wear and tear can be minimized with maintenance procedures done at consistent intervals. It will prove very insightful for you to investigate any maintenance records, as these can show:

  • Fluid changes. Remember the importance of fluids? This verifies how often the liquids were updated.
  • Repairs. Nobody wants to invest in a lemon, especially if that vehicle weighs over 100,000 pounds and costs thousands of dollars! Constant or repeating repairs may be a red flag of deeper problems.
  • Misfires. If something terribly wrong happened in this vehicle’s lifetime, it may prove worthwhile to invest in another machine.

Ultimately, you can gain peace of mind knowing that the used construction equipment you have chosen has been cared for in a qualitative manner. Machines that were neglected and worn down may exhibit future problems, making it important to get the full picture before you buy.

Testing Capabilities

The test drive. Buyers that are trained to do so can often test out different equipment before purchasing. This is the perfect time to experience for yourself how the vehicle will operate later on. Used construction equipment should fall under the same principles as testing a car away from the dealership. Potential purchasers should try the controls, gears, steering wheel, seat components, pedals, and any other aspect possible to ensure that it meets their standards. The test run is a good time for buyers and sellers to discuss the equipment’s overall condition and any potential concerns.

Depreciation Concerns

Rolling off the lot with your brand new car will result in depreciation, much the same as construction equipment. The first year of use typically results in the most depreciation, with a stabilizing rate following soon after. Businesses that are looking for second-hand equipment to use for its lifetime may not be as concerned as companies hoping to resell their equipment once it is no longer needed. Knowing how construction equipment depreciates can prove very useful in determining a quality price point to invest in.

Optimize Documentation

While purchasing used construction equipment is an affordable alternative to buying new, the overall expenditure can add up. It’s often very beneficial to acquire and retain all documentation involved in the buying, selling, or maintenance process. Keeping records of your services will prove beneficial in proving the quality of your care when it comes time to sell. Additionally, receipts and ledgers help to verify responsibility in the event that you are not satisfied with the condition of your purchase. This is also a smart safety measure for companies considered that they will be left high and dry if any equipment issues begin popping up!

The Right Construction Equipment Company

Ultimately, your experience when purchasing used construction equipment will depend on the skill and care provided by the company you work with. These professionals are tasked with delivering the information you need in a knowledgeable and honest manner. Working with an unreliable company when purchasing a scissor lift, for example, can lead to inadequate service and possibly unsafe outcomes. The construction equipment company you work with should have your back for each and every project, delivering guidance to find the machines to meet your needs and your budget.

One Source Equipment is here to be your one source for the best construction equipment in Texas, delivering expert results from our Throckmorton location. If you are considering used construction equipment as a cost-effective solution for your project needs, our team is here and always ready to help. We are a Genie® authorized retailer, specializing in a wide range of aerial lifts to get the job done. Contact us today to learn more or to find the equipment you need!