The construction industry is full of tools and equipment that all work to make your life easier. From skid steers for easy landscaping and material movement to scissor lifts to gain access to tough areas, most professionals rely on an arsenal of tools to get the job done. Aerial lifts can help you to reach new heights with your building services. As a quality provider of used construction equipment in Throckmorton, One Source Equipment is here to provide you with the best machinery and tools in the industry. We offer all manners of construction equipment for sale, focusing on quality outcomes for each of our customers. Our affordable prices and expert advice ensure that you are happy with the results every time you work with us.

Boom lifts are one type of heavy equipment that can provide a wide range of versatile support for your construction needs. Choosing the right style for your needs will prove very beneficial, which is why today’s blog will focus on the difference between two types of boom lifts: Articulating and telescopic. When you are done with the blog, be sure to reach out to our construction professionals for help finding the equipment you need!

Articulating Booms

This aerial lift serves as a stable platform for equipment and personnel, delivering access to areas that are difficult to reach. The sections of this boom lift work in tandem due to their hinged construction. Essentially, each section articulates to move and situate the platform within easy reach for convenient access to tasks. While not nearly as expansive as telescopic booms, these “knuckle booms” are ideal for reaching areas when your overall space or area is cramped. Generally, companies choose articulating booms because they offer:

  • Ease when moving over obstacles. The independent sections of this construction equipment offer more versatility when it comes to maneuvering up and over any obstructions in your way. Experienced drivers may brag about their skills with moving their platform up, over, and back down on the other side of an obstacle.
  • Traction for rough conditions. Exterior driving conditions can change almost in an instant across Texas, with a deluge of rain always within close proximity. Our collection of Genie articulating booms includes rugged models that feature four-wheel drive, better tire traction, diesel engine options, and an oscillating axle, which allows your chassis to pivot independently for improved traction.
  • Reach versatility. Many of our boom lifts can come with a Jib, or an extension that is useful for providing additional articulating for smaller spaces. This can be handy for gaining access to areas behind your equipment, offering a 180-degree rotation.
  • Indoor options. Any crew needing an aerial lift for indoor applications can benefit from purchasing an industrial model. These machines are made for extended use indoors, relying on electrical power or liquefied petroleum gas to retain indoor air quality. Finally, this model utilizes specialty tires that will not mark up the floors.

Telescopic Booms

Stick booms hold a few advantages when it comes to reach and stability. Unlike articulating booms, these machines telescope, extending out from one point to earn the “stick” moniker. Sites that offer limited access for machines can benefit from telescopic equipment, as this machinery offers the best horizontal expansion. Projects such as bridges are ideal for telescopic booms, as workers can utilize the outreach to be more effective, minimizing setbacks and the time needed to relocate closer to the point of work. The straight nature of this lift also minimizes setup time with simpler mechanics. Our Genie lifts can improve your efficiency by providing an edge in both horizontal and vertical outreach. You can choose between lifts that extend between 40 and 180 feet. Crews that require a rugged machine for rough worksites can benefit from investing in a model with four-wheel drive and an oscillating axle.

Trailer-Mounted Booms

While not among the two types of boom lifts, trailer-mounted options do provide a unique advantage for many companies. These aerial lifts are versatile enough to give you access to hard-to-reach places in a lightweight and mobile fashion. Contractors can simply tow their Genie lift to the site, set up their machine and outriggers, and get to work. Your standard options can be battery- or diesel-powered and reach heights upward of 70 feet. Trailer-mounted boom lifts combine the mechanics of the other two options, folding into a compact base for commuting to the next job site.

When it comes aerial lifts, consumers have a wide range of choices available. The style you should pick depends largely on your needs, the amount of space within your work area, and the types of job sites that you’ll be frequenting. If you’re in need of new or used construction equipment in Texas, we can help! One Source Equipment is here to be just that — your one-stop-shop for construction equipment in Throckmorton. If you have a piece of machinery you need, be sure to contact us to find the perfect piece of equipment!